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Avoid Being Scammed!

You must guard yourself from being scammed by Ukraine Agents either in your country or in Ukraine. Please follow the processes below;

  • Make sure you don't pay money to anyone you do not know or any company you cannot trace. Please note that most of the University websites on-line are not actually the real websites. Most of them are managed by agents which makes you prone to being scammed. Contact us for more confirmation.
  • Make sure there is a silver shinning seal at the top of the invitation letter. Every other document given to you outside the invitation letter is not a valid document.
  • Make sure your school fee is paid by the agent upon arrival to Ukraine. Many agents collect fees from students without paying it into the University Account. You can confirm this from the dean with your international passport a few days after you arrive Ukraine.

For these and many more information, we will advice you to send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +2348033945001 or +2348183971045.

Goldenchips Can Assist you to Study in the Following Countries of the World;

Canada, Caribbean, Germany, Spain, India, Poland, Ireland, United Kingdom, United States, Dubai, Ukraine, Turkey, North Cyprus, South Cyprus, Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland, Romania, Malaysia, Jamaica, Hungary, Belarus etcWhere exactly do you want to study?

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